Virtual Architecture: Designing and Directing Curriculum-Based Telecomputing

ISTE, 1998

Author: Judi Harris

This Web site is designed to support and extend your use of Virtual Architecture: Designing and Directing Curriculum-Based Telecollaboration, the first edition of which was published in 1998. The site will continue to grow as Judi locates additional examples of curriculum-based educational telecomputing projects and resources that are related to the ideas shared in the book.

* Virtual Architecture is currently out of print, unfortunately. Used copies can be located through Amazon.com's resellers on the Web. Much of VA's content will be posted here in August 2011.

ISTE's editors described Virtual Architecture in the following way:

Is it worth it, all this Internet stuff? Worth the time and energy it takes? Worth it because your students will learn more? Worth it because you'll be a better teacher? The answer to these questions--yes and no--can be found in this readable, conversational, practical, and slyly revolutionary work. The author proposes that integrating computer-mediated technology into your classroom is well worth it if accomplished in a way that helps new and worthwhile things happen there. And then she shows you how to do just that. You'll begin building with a flexible framework--clear, strong, and simple activity structures--that becomes your foundation for designing and implementing powerful curriculum-based telecomputing projects. Don't expect a project directory, general reference, or manual. This is a book you'll read from start to finish and be glad you did. It's worth it.

146 pages
ISBN 1-56484-130-8

Last Updated: February 22, 2010